Pet ownership is a serious responsibility. We ask that all persons interested in adopting one of our animals, fill out this application completely, prior to adoption. This application is designed to help us determine if the adoption is in the animal’s best interest and to assist the potential adopter in finding the animal most compatible with his or her lifestyle.


Please complete the following form:

Have you ever surrendered an animal to a shelter?

If yes explain:

Does anyone in your household have any allergy to animals?



I reside in a:

Do you own or rent?

Where will the pet be kept? Check all that will apply:

Do you have a fenced yard?

Cat or Dog?



Still Have?

Cat or Dog?



Still Have?

Are you familiar with the Animal Control ordinances in your area concerning:



Leash Laws:

Do you agree to the following?

Yearly vaccinations:

Spaying/ Neutering:

Heartworm medications for dogs:

Would you agree to your home being inspected by a GCHS representative?

The Shelter cannot guarantee that any adopted animal is free from heartworms: Therefore it is advisable that anyone who adopts a dog should take it to his Vet for a checkup. Any expense will be paid by the adopter.

Dog & cats will be adopted as household pets only, where they will be kept as part of the family and will not be chained. Pets may not be adopted as gifts to someone outside the immediate family.

If, for some reason, the animal is incompatible or dies within 14 days, we will replace the animal, but there will be no refund. Proof will need to be provided in case of death.